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Slinger Signaller

- CPCS A40

Course Overview

  • Understand your roles and responsibilities as a Slinger Signaller
  • Understanding different loads
  • Understand names, components and terminology
  • Ensure working conditions are safe
  • Agree communication procedures
  • Correct signals
  • Follow all necessary safety precautions
  • Understand how to Secure and transport loads
  • The effects of load size, weight and ground conditions when lifting
  • Safe Shutdown and securing procedures
  • Pre-use checks on lifting equipment and accessories
  • Gather correct information from documents and manuals

A40a (All duties) Public Courses available fortnightly
A40b (Static Duties) Public Courses available fortnightly
A40c (Knuckle boom) Available upon request
A40d (Excavator only) Available upon request
A40e (Lift Truck only) Available upon request


In order to take this test you must have taken a CSCS HSE Operatives test, as a minimum, within 2 years of your test date.


Once you have achieved both theory and practical assessments you will receive a Red Trained operator card which is valid for 2 years, unless you have previously complete the relevant NVQ, in which case you will receive a blue competent operator card.

Next step

The next step will be completing your level 2 NVQ in Lifting Operations Slinger Signaller, this is a service provided by Construction Training UK therefore please contact a member of the team to discuss further.

Course Type
Novice A40a
3 days
£895 +VAT
Novice A40b
3 days
£845 +VAT
A40a + b
2 days
Test Only
A40a + b
1 day
Course Date
04 - 06/05/2021
17 -19/05/2021
01 - 03/06/2021
14 - 16/06/2021

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