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Here we answer all of the commonly asked questions about CPCS and our CPCS courses. If you have a question and it isn’t answered here please get in touch.

What is CPCS?

CPCS Stands for Construction Plant Competency Scheme, it’s a two card registration scheme acknowledged by industry for those involved in plant operations by recognising skills, knowledge and understanding, competence and qualifications.

Who is CPCS for?

A CPCS card is for individuals to provide industry standard identification that proves the individual has the necessary knowledge and competence to work as a plant operator within the construction industry.

How do I get my CPCS card?

This depends on whether you have an NVQ or SVQ in your chosen skill(s)

– if you do you might need refresher training before doing your novice training.

– If you don’t then you’ll need to do a beginners course and work up from there.

Find out more about how to get your CPCS card.

How is CPCS tested?

The CPCS written test consists of a one-to-one theoretical exam where your examiner will test your knowledge and understanding of plant operations.

Then you have a practical examination where you will be asked by the examiner to perform certain actions, using your safety and practical knowledge gained during training.

Why Choose CPCS

CPCS is deemed the most recognised training accreditation nationwide and will be accepted by the vast majority, if not all sites.

How many days will my training last?

This depends on the course you are taking, it varies from 1 day (this is usually for examinations only) up to 5 days.

What do I need to do to enrol on a course?

This depends on the course you want to attend.

For all of our courses you will need to complete a health and safety assessment or have obtained the qualification within the last 2 years.

For our beginner courses (such as the CPCS red card courses), no further qualifications are required to enrol on a course.

If you would like train towards your blue CPCS card you will need to have an NVQ or SVQ in a related area or have completed your red CPCS card training.

Is there anywhere to park near the training centre?

Yes, we have a large car park to accommodate all trainees.

Can I spread the cost of my course?

Yes, we offer 0% finance for 1 year (eligibility criteria apply), please enquire for more information or to check your eligibility.

How do I enrol on one of your courses?

You can send us a message via our website and we will call you to confirm your details and take payment or you can phone us to book onto one of our courses.

Alternatively, your employer may be eligible for training discounts and so you may want to book your course through your employer.

What are Smart Cards?

A Smart Card looks the same as a regular CPCS card but it contains a chip which allows it to be read by a smartphone or tablet. More information about your qualifications, such as which categories are included, can be shared using Smart Cards.

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